May. 13th, 2017

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Hello, and thank you for volunteering to create a gift for the Everywoman exchange. I'm delighted that we share similar fandoms and interests and hope that you have fun creating a gift for me.
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Rey - I'd love Rey's backstory or a snapshot from it. I'd also love an alternate universe story where Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Rey have adventures.

Jyn - Holy cow, do I wish we'd seen more Jyn and Jyn background in Rogue One. I want to hear about her training and travels with Saw. I want to know the story of being alone in that bunker at 16. 

Leia and Rey - Something set after The Force Awakens would make me so happy. Does Leia sense Rey's force sensitivity? Does Leia encourage her to develop it? Does Leia regret not developing her own powers? 

This show is my guilty pleasure. I love its look and feel. I love the OTT-ness of the Blossom family. I just really enjoy the heck out of it. 

Group: Betty Cooper & Veronica Lodge - What I'd love most of all here is either a wacky roadtrip, bizarre AU situation or a character backstory. Also, that kiss in the cheerleading tryouts seemed to throw Betty for a big loop. Human sexuality is a spectrum - I'd love to see these characters finding their places on that spectrum.
Group: Betty Cooper & Cheryl Blossom & Veronica Lodge - What happens if disaster strikes the three of them, and they must work together to survive. Maybe take the wacky road trip or bizarre AU sitch, and go way darker and more perilous. I'd like to see what Cheryl is like when she's not living in the shadow of her brother, her parents, and all the wealth and expectations. 

Group: Betty Cooper & Polly Cooper - I'd like background/character study or future fic for these two. 

Stranger Things
I have so much love for this show and am so looking forward to season 2. I am of exactly the right age to feel incredibly nostalgic for the time period.

Group: Nancy Wheeler and Barb Holland 
- Tell me how they became friends. They seem to be on the verge of moving in different circles- how/when did that happen? How do they feel about it?
Fix It fic and/or future fixed fic would be greatly appreciated and happily received.  
Joyce Byers - What is Joyce like when she's not so stressed? Does she suspect that anything is wrong with Will? Has the Upside-Down changed her at all? I'd love to see something with Joyce being mother-y and protective of her boys. It's so clear how much she loves them.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Please mix and match characters and prompts as you see fit for this request. This show screams out for some kind of big wacky bizarre thing. Zombies. A blizzard in SoCal. A mad dash to a rural courthouse to file paperwork. Something crazy and silly. 
Group: Rebecca Bunch & Naomi  Bunch - I feel like we see Naomi through Rebecca's eyes and that she's not the most reliable of narrators. I'd like to see through Naomi's eyes.
Paula Proctor - I like that Paula is starting to stand up for herself and follow her dreams. Tell me about what happens for her after she gets that law degree. 
Heather - Love her sarcastic style and dry wit. Tell me about what Heather cares about. Because she must care about at least one thing unreservedly and un-ironically. (I'd love to think that she writes Yuri on Ice fanfic or something.) 
Rebecca Bunch - She's such a disaster at everything but work. How does she always manage to screw up her personal life? 


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