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For LB's birthday, my sister-in-law got him a bunch of things, but the one that captured his imagination was a light saber. It was crappy plastic, the light was so weak it could only  be seen in the dark, and she got it as an after-thought/impluse purchase because her son had loved light sabers and swords so much when he was LB's age.

That gift led to my husband telling LB the story of Star Wars, which he promptly became obsessed with. Because of that gift, we had a sweet Star Wars Christmas. We watched the original trilogy, one a day, starting on Christmas Day. Both my husband and I remembered why we loved those movies so much and the imagination of yet another fan was sparked. It was so much fun to watch LB as he watched the movie, shaking his fist along with the Imperial March music and shouting "Go, Skywalker Luke, beat Dark Vader! You can do it!"

Santa brought LB a Darth Vader costume and light saber, both of which have given us all a lot of entertainment and amusement. (LB has a wide collection of costumes, mostly of the super-hero variety. I love watching him wear costumes - he actually changes the way he moves and stands when he's wearing a costume. And he does a great scratchy Batman voice, which I can only guess he learned from my husband because he's certainly never seen the Nolan films.)


So, it's been a very quiet, laid back, and sweet Christmas with just me, LB, and the husband. I've really enjoyed it. I was a little nervous about cooking the dinner, since it's a Big Deal for my husband and it was was my first time cooking a big Christmas spread, but I managed it just fine. The bread sauce was a little more bread than sauce, and the ham was a little dry, but the timing of everything worked out well and we ate only 30 minutes later than anticipated, so it was a great first effort.

In addition to the sweet family Christmas, I've had an amazing Yuletide. I somehow scored three gifts and one treat, each of them perfect and amazing. I'd been a bit of a problem child for Yuletide this year, because I selected "All" characters for Orange is the New Black, but then had given prompts for only a few characters. A mod had to ask me a bunch of questions, but I"m pretty sure it was the OINTB fandom that caused the agita. I hope the poor writer didn't stress too much, because the story created was awesome.

"On the Outside" - OITNB - Three lies you tell yourself in prison that's better than the truth and the one that isn't - Each part of this lovely story focuses on a different character. And Miss Rosa makes an awesome appearance with a perfect voice. I love this more than words can say.

"The Ghost of You" - Nashville -  A sweet character study of the groundwork involved in Liam and Scarlett finding their way back to each other. Features an awkward phone call that melts into something so sweet and true.

"Little Cactus" - True Detective - A great conversation between Rust and Audrey, post finale. I've always felt somehow that Rust and Audrey were somehow kindred spirits, and this kind anony-yule-writer picked up that prompt and ran with it in a lovely direction with some damn fine writing.

"Priorities" - Nashville - Gotta love a good drabble and this one is a tasty treat!

I'm really happy with the way that my main yuletide gift was received by the recipient.  The treats I wrote have also been very enthustically appreciated, especially one that was SO much fun to write. Looking forward to posting the links when reveals happen.

Date: 2014-12-31 11:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] devilc.livejournal.com
LB is so kyooot!

And yes, you certainly got a bumper crop of yuletide


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