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I was the Yulegoat behind the following stories:

Ghosts and lovers, they'll haunt you for a while
Fandom: Nashville
Characters: Rayna James, Juliette Barnes, Maddie Coleman, Daphne Coleman, Sage Wheeler
Distilled Prompt: Rayna being awesome, good interactions with the other female characters
Summary:  Rayna, Juliette, and the girls enjoy an unexpected sleepover
My Thoughts on Writing: Real-life absolutely attacked me this Yuletide, and I ended up having to go to Ohio because of my parents' health issues. So I was gone the first two weeks in December, and when I came back, I had to play catch up in my home. I nearly defaulted, but I missed the deadline for that. Plus, the requester's letter was so sweet and detailed and heartfelt, I knew I could write her the perfect story, so I buckled down and did it. I woke up extra early for the two days before the deadline and just steadily got it done. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out although I had one more subplot I was hoping to get in that I had to cut because of time.

Her So-Called Life
Fandom: Homeland/My-So-Called Life
Characters: Carrie Mathieson, Rayanne Graff, Peter Quinn
Distilled Prompt: A Homeland/My-So-Called-Life crossover
Summary: Of all the bars in Frankfurt, Carrie had to walk into Rayanne's
My Thoughts on Writing: I'd seen this prompt when I went looking for drabbles. I quickly discarded it, because while it's an intriguing premise, there's no real way to squeeze it into 100 words. So the idea sat there, like a dormant virus. Then I finished my Yuletide story with a day to spare, and I started thinking about the prompt. About an hour later, the story had written itself. Wish they all could be so easy. :)

Fandom: Secret Smile
Characters: Lous Solverson, Greta Grimly
Distilled Prompt: Perhaps a male baby would wrongfoot this team of fathers and daughters
Summary: Greta learns a few things about babysitting from an old pro
My Thoughts on Writing: I loved the idea of the Grimly-Solverson family being wrong-footed by a boy baby, but Lou just refused to buckle under the pressure. This story turned out much different than I'd planned, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Then I also did a trio of unrelated drabbles:

Same Planet, Different Worlds
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Character: Tim Riggins, Landry Clarke
Distilled Prompt: ROBOTS!
My Thoughts on Writing: First, I'm mortified that my software apparently counts words different (???) than AO3, because I swear my drabbles were perfectly 100 words in my software. Second, I could not resist the prompt - the conversation flowed naturally in my head after I had the prompt.

The Friend Zone
Fandom: Orange is the New Black
Characters: Poussey Washington, Nikki Nichols
Distilled Prompt: Poussey interacting with someone outside her usual crew
My Thoughts on Writing: A joy to write, even with the word limit.

Onto a winner
Fandom: The Dublin Murder Squad books
Characters: Frank Mackey, Rob Ryan
Distilled Prompt: Frank's relationship with Rob
My Thoughts on Writing: I think this is the first time I've written something in a book fandom. But then I haven't read these books in the traditional manner - I've listened to them on audiobook. So the voices and thought processes are so clear to me, it was just like writing in a TV fandom.
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