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Hello, and thank you for volunteering to create a gift for the Everywoman exchange. I'm delighted that we share similar fandoms and interests and hope that you have fun creating a gift for me.

Don't tell anyone, but the sad truth is that I am super-easy. :) Write a story that you enjoy writing and I'm sure I'll love it and enjoy reading it. In an effort to help, I'll tell you my general likes/dislikes and also give a few prompts for the requested fandoms.
But above all, have fun. If you find that the suggestions feel like a burden, then ignore them and write something that interests you. True passion shines through and makes a story special.
I like...
angst, UST, longing looks, long-repressed feelings that explode one day, kid fic, roads not taken in canon, zombies, wacky road trips, old friends, handsome strangers, ghost stories, crazy decisions that are right even though they seem so very wrong, 2nd person narratives, porn that reveals more than just naked bodies, unreliable narrators, opening your presents on Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve, and long deep slow kisses that last three days.
I do not want..
passivity, first-person narration, incest, non-con, non-canon slash, porn without plot, child death or grevious injury, and misusing the words less and fewer.

Friday Night Lights - Write for me about Tami's awesomeness and how she got to be so awesome. Give me three generations of awesome Taylor women and I'll be the happiest girl on the block. I'd love a future fic. How is Gracie Belle's childhood different than Julie's? How's it the same? Or write about Tyra and tell me what happens to her. How many of the dreams in her college application essay come true?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - I'd love Rey's backstory or a snapshot from it. I'd also love an alternate universe story where Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Rey have adventures.

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy - These movies are my first fannish obsession, and Princess Leia was always one of my favorites. I'd love a character study. I'd love a glimpse inside her head after Alderan was destroyed. I'd love future fic of her as a new mom, trying to juggle a baby and her responsibilities as a leader. How does she parent without parents to guide her? She clearly has the Force, why doesn't she pursue it? It'd pretty much love anything Leia-centric.

The Leftovers - I'd love anything. I especially partial to Nora. Maybe something between Jill and Nora. Nora's experienced so much loss - how would she counsel Jill about dealing with her mother. Patti backstory would also be awesome. Or go in a super-weird direction - contrive a road trip with these characters - whatever you want!
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