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Hello, fellow lover of the dark. I'm delighted that you're participating in Darkest Night 2016 and that we have similar interests. Thanks in advance for taking the time to write a story for me - I'm so looking forward to reading it.

I love that this exchange has the additional tags, and I hope that they've already planted some plot bunnies inside your brain. Just in case they haven't, I'll tell you a little about my likes, dislikes, and give a few prompts. But really, write a story that you enjoy telling, and I'm sure that I'll enjoy reading it. If the suggestions are a burden, please ignore them.

I like...
Angst, ethical dilemmas, dark nights of the soul, agonized decision making (as long as a decision is eventually made), long-repressed feelings that explode one day, roads not taken, the 5+1 format, zombies, old friends, handsome strangers, ghost stories, crazy decisions that are right even though they seem so very wrong, second-person narratives, porn that reveals more than just naked bodies, unreliable narrators, dystopian futures, post-apocolyptic wastelands,

I do not want...
Passivity, first-person narration, incest, non-canon slash, child death, child injury, or misusing the words less or fewer.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens. The original trilogy was my first fannish love, and oh how I loved Leia and shipped her like whoa with Han. How sad it seems that they didn't get their happily ever after. Is Leia haunted by Han's death? Does she feel any responsibility? What would she have changed in the past?

Leverage: I put in three different Leverage requests because I love and miss that show so much. (And seriously, it seems like the "Enduring pain to protect another" tag was written with someone like Eliot Spencer in mind.) If we've matched on Eliot/Tara, please go for it. :) I hope that the tags are prompt enough and please know, you cannot go wrong.

Saving Grace: Again, I think the additional tags will serve you well here. I love Grace's spirit and her fight. Sassy Grace is the best.

Sons of Anarchy: I ship both Jax/Tara (seasons 1-2) and Chibs/Tara (later seasons). Go as dark as you want, because this show thrived in the darkness.

The Leftovers: Hope the additional tags are enough for you, because I don't have much else. I love Nora and I think she's way too good for Kevin, but I think he's capable of keeping it together to be the man that Nora deserves.

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