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Title: Our Last Days as Children
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fleurlb 
Recipient[livejournal.com profile] faithintheboys 
Word count: 11,000
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers for SPN: Up to and including 5.6 “I Believe the Children Are Our Future”
Spoilers for FNL: All of Season 1. Everything after that is mostly AU.

A/N 1: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] faithintheboys , for providing the opportunity to combine two of my favorite shows. I’ve taken a lot of liberties with FNL, to make it fit with my timeline. I’ve also conveniently ignored pretty much everything that happened after FNL’s first season.
A/N 2: The title comes from an Explosions in the Sky song.
A/N 3: Thanks to the friendly mods for their understanding and assistance and also for running an awesome exchange. 

A/N 4: Finally getting around to posting a link on my own LJ. The link will take you to the spn_summergen com, because I'm just too lazy and tired right now to post it properly here, since it's so long that it takes two parts.

Summary: From the prompt: AU, Crossover with Friday Night Lights. The one place Dean never wanted to move from was Dillon, Texas. He played football there and was good at it. He even considered playing college ball. As the world is ending, Dean and Sam are drawn to Dillon on a hunt.

Dean shifted in his seat and stretched his legs, hoping to get some pressure off his belly. The breakfast had been delicious, almost too delicious, and finishing off Sam’s extra sausages had almost certainly been a mistake. Still, at least they weren’t in a rush, and he could relax and enjoy the Sunday paper.


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