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1. [livejournal.com profile] rachel_wilder  just posted the story I 'won' in the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti  auction. A Place to Be is a beautiful, heart-breaking story that answers the age old FNL question "Where the hell is Mama Riggins?". Please, go read it and love it, because that's all there is for it. :)

2. If you're into Leverage but didn't sign up for the 2010 Leverage Gift Exchange, please consider signing up to be a pinch hitter. I'm looking to compile a list of pinch hitters for all sorts of gifts, including the fic, art, and vid varieties. I've never run one of these things before and am pretty much already shitting bricks about making sure that everyone who signed up gets a gift on the reveal day. (Yeah, I'm way ahead of schedule on the worrying, but that's just part of my charm.)

3. If you're into Leverage and you belong to any of the Leverage comms, then I'm sure you've already heard about [livejournal.com profile] leverageland , the fun new team-based challenge community. I signed up and am on [livejournal.com profile] teamgrifter , which is still short a few people, so, if you're interested, please sign up. (C'mon, any team I'm on is going to be overloaded with awesome. And yes, modesty is another of my charms. Thanks for noticing. :))
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Lately, I've been feeling kind of lazy in the writing department. The ideas are there in my head. The motivation to sit down at the computer is not.

Although I do have the motivation to sit down on the couch and finish the season 1 DVD commentaries. I was thrilled the other day when I saw this in Amy Berg's Twitter feed: "We provide leverage... and snarky, drunken commentary. Season two of Leverage out on DVD May 25th." Definitely a date that is now circled on my calendar. 

Fortunately, I also have the motivation to read other people's fic, so here are some recs...

11 Pipers - I think the prompt used to write the story says it all: "Eliot + Hardison + ninja. Which hopefully = awesome."

Spring Force - a beautiful character study of Parker, who is quickly racing up my list of favorite fictional characters. 

Go - I do so admire a well-written drabble - this one does so much with just 100 words. 

Poker Night - Does what it says on the tin, and quite amusingly and charmingly, I might add.

Tiger, Tiger - Sweet little fic showing a nice interaction between Eliot and Parker.

And, totally swimming in the shallow end of the pool, here's a fanvid of Eliot beating people up. Because really, it doesn't get much better than that.


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